Wednesday, 29 July 2020

No Rest But Lots Of Play!

I have been busy tinkering behind the scenes and creating some new content for the website as well as new 1-2-1 sessions and a brand new treatment room! This year is a funny one but we are determined to make the best of it and keep improving the service we offer.

I am back now giving readings face to face with guidelines in place and also treatments too. So if you need an Angel energy boost or some relaxation under the guidance of the Angels please do get in get touch. I'm looking forward to offering Reflexology too soon as I'm bust training away!

Thank you to everyone who has sent in reviews to TrustPilot and been in touch over these trying months. Stay safe and look forward to sharing more new updates soon! Your support is always appreciated.

Friday, 10 July 2020

Do Archangels Have Archeia

Question & Answers on Angels! ... Every Wednesday on our Facebook Page @angelwingsart I will be hosting a live Q&A session. If you have a question then pop it on my wall or message me and I'll take a peek! 

This weeks questions were Do All Archangels have Archeia and Do Angels have a feminine side?
My answer...I believe (my thoughts) are that yes they all have one because they were created as a one and then split apart. There is an awful of philosophy behind how they were created shedding light on both the good and bad, the light and dark. It's a duality between them. The Archeia or Archei are the channel and battery for the Archon. The Archon (Archangel) are the doing/active part and the Archei (can also be Archangel) are the power behind it. We know the main Archangels but little is given about their partners as they don't like to be in the lime light. A lot of the information is rooted in extremely old texts, myths and religions. And probably only in the last 20 years or so has more information been discovered. Perhaps because we are at a stage of asking more questions and opening up to new possibilities! There are hundreds of Archangels and so much learn! xx

Do Angels have a feminine side? I believe they do. As Archangels above show both qualities, I believe this is also passed down to Angels however they incorporate one body or entity unlike Archangels. Angels are closer to earth and were sent to watch over man and the universe. They role is much closer and so they can assign themselves in many ways....a person may feel more comfortable with a man so presents that way, a person could need a huge hug and so a female side is presented. They use what we know and trust to connect with us. They have no bonds, judgement or ties like humans have...they just are! 
I've popped a bit more info on my All About Angels page xx

Angels Guidance

Angels Help You To Believe In Yourself... Angel Blessings to you! For all the positive intent in the world sometimes we still doubt ourselves or question if we are doing right. It's in those moments that our Angels step in with reassurance and signs. They believe in us, they know us, they want us to live the best life possible.

Angels are light beings filled with love that would never think to put a question mark over our happiness. Only WE do that! This week really look at what you limit, where you hold back or why you think you don't deserve something. Is usually subconscious or a slip of the tongue... I'd love to... but can't because...

Even if it's something you literally can't do right now, change the ending to... however one day I will or Angels Please make this happen.
Angels believe in us! So shouldn't we believe in ourselves too? Fluff out your wings and strut your beautiful self into your future.  

Archangel Michael's Sunday Angel

Sunday is Archangel Michael's day to set us up for the week ahead. Spend a few moments connecting with him today and ask him to..
"Please guard and protect me this week from all unwanted negative energy, people and situations. Please keep me safe from harm and take away my fears and worries. Help me to be strong no matter what and let love rule within me. Archangel Michael I thank you for your strength, courage and confidence in me. I will be the best that I can be"
If you have crystals you can use most blue crystals but lapis lazuli is my favourite. What's your Michael crystal?
One of his main roles is to take away illusion and replace it with truth (can you see a theme appearing for this week!). So be prepared and really aim to be the best version of you. We're here to live with purpose and Michael can really give us a kick when we need to find it! Sunday blessings x
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Sunday, 14 June 2020

Hope To Reopen Soon

14th June 2020 It is our pleasure to now offer FREE DELIVERY within the Colne Area and the option to Click & Collect your order. We plan to reopen the shop from July however in the meantime should you wish to visit us you can do so by appointment. 

We look forward to welcoming you back soon but safety must come first. We hope this service will help you in the meantime and do please stay safe.

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Angel Card Reading For Week Beginning 26th Jan 2020

Angel Card Reading For The Week Ahead
I'm going to be doing a weekly forecast! So enjoy and don't forget to use #angelwingsart if you'd like to follow, find or share!
This week coming is a wobbly one... it wraps up the speedy energies of January! This week will confront you with everything you've been putting off, all the people and situations you've been avoiding. So grounding is important as is recharging your batteries! Use the blue light of Archangel Michael for Protection and Sodalite to help you speak clearly. No confusion required this week as it will be topsy turvy enough! It's like getting rid of the rubbish after a party... You've been given a few weeks of new energy, of downloads, creativity, new people and new ideas (the gifts) and now we have to clear up the baggage, the left over unwanted bits, put it all outside of our bubble as it's not needed.
So dig deep, hold on and be courageous. This will lead to good things to come but our intent has to sit with truth and honesty to all this week. It's a toughie but only to remind us of the light within the dark.
Cards by

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

New Year, New Improvements & New Angels

We have been busy tinkering over the Christmas period with the website and it's new look. Much remains the same so don't panic! We have kept the feel of the online shop with a slightly more streamlined vibe. I hope you like it but please drop us a line if you find anything not working. The cheeky elves may have gone for another year but computer gremlins still lurk out there haha!

There will also be Brand New Gifts arriving over the next week or two, as well as some favourites returning. If you haven't checked out our crystals please do so as they seem to head out very quickly and we can't always guarantee on them returning unfortunately. It is a first come, first served basis with our beautiful crystals.

We also ventured onto Instagram last year so please bob over and find us at @angelwingsart if you are a hashtag enthusiast #learning #believeicandoit #angelguidance It's a tricky one but I'm not one to shy away from a challenge!

On another note my Hubby, Adam, will also soon have a selection of Chakra inspired drawings ready soon. They will be previewed on social media first so be sure to follow us and they will be available to purchase in the Art section of our website.

We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas, and now full steam ahead for what is set to be a brilliant year all round. Fingers crossed and Angel requested!

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Black Friday Sale Ends Midnight Friday! Grab a bargain with many items reduced and once they are gone they are gone! I have even included some Angel Art and some brand new Christmas goodies too! What's not to love...Angels Yes, Sparkle Yes, Bargain Yes!!!

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas!

We love our new Christmas Gift Ideas from Gonks to Stars! We have beautiful bracelets, Angel figurines, Christmas Cards, fairies and so much more. Give a gift of meaning with a personalised Angel painting and share the Angel magic. 
These are super popular at Christmas as each is unique with a lovely little Angelic message, wrapped in purple tissue paper. If you would like any gift wrapping or adding a message to then please drop us an email. We are happy to wrap gifts free of charge and post on to the recipient in time for Christmas. Our aim is to spread a little Christmas Joy and magic too xx
Christmas Gift Idea
Christmas Light Up Gonk

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Angel Drawings Fly

My Angel team took a turn a few weeks a go and got me drawing! It started with doodles and grew into new ways of expressing Angel energy and I love it. It is something completely new and exciting! They have been flying to new homes and will soon be available in the shop both framed and unframed. I have loved doing the spontaneous personal ones so watch out for them on our Facebook page. They have brought through a new energy and vibrancy, detail and messages. Each one has a special meaning for their forever homes. 
Archangel Chamuel DrawingAngel Art

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Christmas Gifts Are Arriving!

We have been working hard behind the scenes to create some special gifts and greeting cards for Christmas! I have drawn, painted and designed two new cards - one Fairy and one Angel. There are fairy doors in store and glass Angels for the tree. These won't be available online as they are breakable but beautiful!
We do have snowmen tealights, light up Gonks, Angel figurines and much more available online though...treats for the whole family. Or why not book a personalised Angel painting? They make superb and popular gifts for all ages. Each one receives a special message and certificate. They can be posted to you or the recipient, with a message/details of your choice.
At Angel Wings Art we aim to give a personal and special service to our customers so please do get in touch if you can't find what you are looking for or need advice. Much love & blessings to you xx

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

We are back in 2020 on 29th March with Festival of Spirit Spring! We had an amazing Mind Body Spirit Fair last month and look forward to doing it all again next year. New stalls including clothing, chocolates and chakra gifts! This will be our 7th event and it is continually growing and evolving with the support of our visitors. So a big thank you and hope to see you in March 2020 if not before xx