Saturday, 25 January 2020

Angel Card Reading For Week Beginning 26th Jan 2020

Angel Card Reading For The Week Ahead
I'm going to be doing a weekly forecast! So enjoy and don't forget to use #angelwingsart if you'd like to follow, find or share!
This week coming is a wobbly one... it wraps up the speedy energies of January! This week will confront you with everything you've been putting off, all the people and situations you've been avoiding. So grounding is important as is recharging your batteries! Use the blue light of Archangel Michael for Protection and Sodalite to help you speak clearly. No confusion required this week as it will be topsy turvy enough! It's like getting rid of the rubbish after a party... You've been given a few weeks of new energy, of downloads, creativity, new people and new ideas (the gifts) and now we have to clear up the baggage, the left over unwanted bits, put it all outside of our bubble as it's not needed.
So dig deep, hold on and be courageous. This will lead to good things to come but our intent has to sit with truth and honesty to all this week. It's a toughie but only to remind us of the light within the dark.
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Tuesday, 7 January 2020

New Year, New Improvements & New Angels

We have been busy tinkering over the Christmas period with the website and it's new look. Much remains the same so don't panic! We have kept the feel of the online shop with a slightly more streamlined vibe. I hope you like it but please drop us a line if you find anything not working. The cheeky elves may have gone for another year but computer gremlins still lurk out there haha!

There will also be Brand New Gifts arriving over the next week or two, as well as some favourites returning. If you haven't checked out our crystals please do so as they seem to head out very quickly and we can't always guarantee on them returning unfortunately. It is a first come, first served basis with our beautiful crystals.

We also ventured onto Instagram last year so please bob over and find us at @angelwingsart if you are a hashtag enthusiast #learning #believeicandoit #angelguidance It's a tricky one but I'm not one to shy away from a challenge!

On another note my Hubby, Adam, will also soon have a selection of Chakra inspired drawings ready soon. They will be previewed on social media first so be sure to follow us and they will be available to purchase in the Art section of our website.

We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas, and now full steam ahead for what is set to be a brilliant year all round. Fingers crossed and Angel requested!