Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Guardian Angels Who Are They?

Guardian Angels come in all shapes and sizes, backgrounds, races, ages and stages of their own development. Each Guardian is destined to assist you in your life sometimes for the entirety and sometimes just for a short whilst we go through a new chapter in our lives. I believe they are there to guide and protect us but cannot control our life for us. We always remain with free will and can take their opportunities or not. Each moment is for us to make the fullest and our Guardian Angels are there to back us up.
Occasionally they may laugh, stand back or totally interfere if we are at risk of harm. However their complicated nature means that they cannot protect us completely if the harm or illusion of harm is part of the reason we are here, we need to experience or need to understand it. We too are complicated beings with many different aspects to our paths and some of which we need to assist us in our journey or to assist others on theirs.
This is where are Guardians meet each other and create networks of people who can help each other to grow or move forward.
Our Guardians will shake their heads at us and wonder what on earth we are up to at times but ultimately they will be by our side every step of the way. They can be assigned for their skills in the area we need or be family and friends in the spirit world. This very much depends on the age of our souls and how much wisdom we carry with us. The more lives and experiences we have the more likely it is to be a family member as they can assist us in family developments and earthly matters rather than spiritual ones as we already carry this within us. Being a younger soul or without the past life experience will require an Angel with knowledge to impart to you or a higher spiritual being/relative that can develop you more.
We are unique as is our Guardians, each with special qualities, strengths and abilities. Deepen your connection and see how they are guiding you!

Friday, 12 July 2019

Sparkles & Crystals!!

I love anything anything sparkly and particularly crystals with a rainbow or aura element! These gem stones have additional qualities or enhance the properties of the original stone. They are created in the natural process of heating and cooling when the crystals are formed.
Particularly found in natural quartz, lemurian or star seed type crystals however they can also be found in citrine or amethyst based crystals as they are sometimes clear enough to see through. I'm lucky to have a few in the shop and each is an absolute treasure! Using natural quartz with other crystals can sometimes aid in a clearer frequency or vibration; and can also assist in clearer the additional crystal after its use.
If you would like to know more about which gem to choose or why you are being drawn to a particular one just drop me a message. They are used for such a variety of things and each has its own purpose 💕

Amethyst Tumble Stone

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Top Tips for Mercury!

So who is feeling the effects of Mercury Retrograde? I am! Listless, tired, emotional, every gadget on the go slow or just not working! Mercury always comes to pack a punch and will be with us until 2nd August. Being retrograde simply means looking back and re-evaluating life. This is a time where things from the past may sneak back up on us, we may feel emotionally out of balance, snappy or quick to react, technology suffers and all in all we feel sluggish.

  • My top tips are:to stay calm, re-read everything particularly if it is an agreement/contract, carry some Moonstone, Jasper or Obsidian to ground/protect/balance, and lastly switch off from technology when you can. Also ask for inspiration from Archangel Gabriel too to solve communication issues and to think outside of the box.

Be patient with people and yourself this month; and know that it will come to end where you will feel lighter and brighter!